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At The Goodale Realty Team, We Are Dedicated To Providing World Class Service And Support To Our Clients. Put Our Experience, Expertise, And Exceptional Service To The Test!

Here Are Just A Few Of The Many Ways We Can Help You, And Those You Refer To Us:

Solving the Real Estate Catch 22:

Facing the real estate Catch 22 dilemma? Do I buy 1st, before selling my current home, and have 2 mortgages to pay until my current home sells, whenever that is? Or do I sell my home first, before buying my next home, and maybe end up “homeless” for a while on my uncle’s couch until my new home purchase closes? Which is worse? Are there no good options here? The good news is …. We’ve got you covered! We have solutions to your dilemma! Call or text us at 480-734-8781 to learn how we can solve your Catch 22 dilemma!

Property Valuation:

It’s no secret: Our real estate market is shifting — it’s dynamic — what your home might sell for today is different than what it could’ve sold for 6 months ago, or what it might sell for 6 months from now. You owe it to yourself to Find Out What Your Home Would Sell For in Today’s Rapidly Changing Market. It’s free, never an obligation to sell. To get a detailed & current area home sale report of all recently sold homes and current listings in your area, simply fill in the address form below, or call or text us at 480-734-8781 to get started.

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Multiple Cash Offers For Your Home!

Want to move, but dread having buyers traipsing through your home at all hours and days? Or prefer to sell quickly, so you can move on to your next opportunity with convenience, comfort, and certainty? Then consider receiving Multiple CashOffers for your home! It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s free. We handle everything through our investors, so it’s easy, no home showings, no stress, and best of all, you pick your moving or closing date. You can even “sell now, take the cash, & move later” if that works for you! Click here to Get Multiple Cash Offers!

Probate Real Estate:

Lost a loved one? Have to deal with their Estate but Don’t know where to start? Our heart goes out to you — we are Probate Real Estate Realtors — we can help. Call or text us at 480-734-8781 to receive a free Probate Timeline Chart or a free chart of your Executor Duties. Or Click Here for our FREE e-book: How to Avoid the 7 Biggest Mistakes Made in Probate Real Estate

Become A Cash Buyer!

It’s a fact: Buying a home can be daunting. Maybe you’re tired of finding the perfect house, making an offer, but losing out to cash buyers? You need every advantage you can get, to succeed with buying a home in a competitive market. What if we told you we can help you buy your next home with cash? Our cash, that is. It’s true. We’ll buy the home you want with our cash, then sell it to you when your financing is ready. Get the home you want, no more losing out to cash buyers! Click Here to Become a Cash Buyer!

Become a VIP Seller:

Thinking of selling? Need to maximize your sale proceeds? Don’t know where to start? Or who to go with? Think all realtors are about the same? You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers — you’ve come to the right place! Over our years selling homes here in the Valley, we have encountered the most asked seller questions, and have put together a short instructional video answering those questions, and guiding you through the process, start to finish. Click Here to view our VIP Seller Benefits video. And to receive your free copy of our current HomeSeller Handbook simply Click Here.

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